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Cannabis Cheri Sicard - DecarbingI really appreciate your feedback!  We currently send out the Daily Dose newsletter 5 days a week, Monday through Friday.  Is this too much?  Not enough?  When it comes to my readers, I want to be Goldilocks and get it just right!  Thanks for participating in this poll.


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  1. Hi Cheri my name ia Ken. I’m a medical marijuana patient for neuropathy. If I don’t have it my right leg will shake uncontrollably. I’ve tried several times to make infused coconut oil with not a very good oitcome. I used MB2 for infusing the oil. I’m using good bud but Im not feeling any of the medicine. I know I have a high tolarance and I just don’t no if eating it works for me. Right now the way I’m taking my medicine is by vaping it. I really would like make some good eatable but all I’m doing is waidting my money. I’ve tried other people eatables no luuck there. Is there any suggestions that might would help. My recipes is 28 grams to two cups of oil.

    • Hi Ken,

      It sounds like you have not found the right dosage range for yourself yet. I talk about this a lot in my cooking course, but I am going to write a blog post too as everyone is so different. While 10 mgs is too much for some people, 100 mgs will not be enough for others. So I would slowly start increasing the doses each day until you feel something. However you do not need to fell high in order to get medicinal benefits, so I would say either way it is not a waste. Are you decarboxylating the plant material first as this will make it more potent. Spread on a baking sheet, heat at 250 degree for about 20 minutes, then make the coconut oil and see if that helps.

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