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1-4-17 Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I hope everyone had a happy holidays.  I am taking a bit of time to get back up to speed, but I am getting there.

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William O’Shaughnessy

William O’Shaughnessy

William O’Shaughnessy: The Father of Modern Medical Marijuana

When we look at the ancient versus modern history of marijuana, William O’Shaughnessy, an Irish army surgeon who introduced cannabis to the British and subsequently the western world, stands firmly at the crossroads.  In fact the story of medical marijuana can be divided into two distinct historical periods, pre and post O’Shaughnessy, as his work in India opened the door to this medicine’s wide use in the west and began true scientific studies and clinical trials.

Marijuana was far from O’Shaughnessy’s only significant contribution to western civilization. He invented the modern treatment for cholera, laid the first telegraph system in Asia, and made significant contributions to pharmacology, chemistry, clinical drug trials, and science, although he remains most famous for his work with cannabis.
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Today’s Recipe: Kushy Kale Chips

Marijuana Recipes - Medicated Kale ChipsKale chips are a healthy, tasty, trendy, snack food that cost a fortune when you buy them at the store. Not to mention I don’t know of ANY edibles companies currently selling medicated Kale Chips. I am not sure why as the addition of cannabis only makes this super health food that much healthier. No worries, it is easy to make kale chips at home and it takes no special equipment. If you have marijuana infused oil on hand,this recipe is a snap!

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