Daily Dose: Dramatic Marijuana Movies; Salted Kushy Caramel Popcorn Recipe


2-16-17 Happy Thursday Everyone!

Time to plan for a stoner movie night!  I can help!

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Alice's Restaurant, Marijuana movies

Marijuana Movies - Oliver Stone's Savages

 Marijuana Movies: Dramas

When it comes to marijuana movies, it seems like there are far less cannabis based dramas than comedies. Perhaps that’s because, Reefer Madness hysteria aside, typical mellow marijuana users aren’t usually all that dramatic. Nonetheless it plays an integral, if not starring, role in a few.

The article at the following link talks about some of my favorite marijuana dramas: Oliver Stone’s Savages; a little known gem, Humboldt County, that gives an insider view into the grower culture of Northern California; an even more obscure Frances McDorman drama, Laurel Canyon; Bernardo Bertolucci’s underrated Stealing Beauty; and the classic Alice’s Restaurant.

For your watching pleasure, I also include some of my favorite movie watching medicated snack recipes.
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Today’s Recipe: Salted Kushy Caramel Popcorn

marijuana snack recipes - salted caramel popcorn

This is perhaps the most addictive recipe I have ever created.  Portion out this salty-sweet snack, otherwise eating too much is a guarantee.  You can use an air popper, regular popcorn maker, or the stovetop to make the popcorn for this recipe — follow the directions on the popcorn package or that came with your appliance.  Avoid microwave popcorn though as it has too many other flavors and salts in it.
Get the Salted Kushy Caramel Popcorn recipe!

I use Marijuana Butter to medicate this recipe.  Check out my Making Marijuana Butter tutorial for directions on how to make it.

See You Tomorrow!

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