The Week in Weed 3-4-17 Marijuana News Round-Up


The Week in Weed - Marijuana NewsThis Week’s Marijuana News Round-Up:  Jeff Sessions Adds to Trump Administration’s Alternative Facts About Marijuana; Feds Threaten to Shut Down Nevada Cannabis Cup;Trump Administration’s Claims About Pot and Opiod Use Are Dead Wrong; Marijuana Lifer Corvain Cooper Tells His Story.


Legal/Political Marijuana News

Jeff Sessions is Anti-Marijuana

Trump AG designate Jeff Sessions is an enemy of marijuana and a friend of prohibition.

Jeff Sessions Adds to Trump Administration’s Alternative Facts About Marijuana —  Attorney General Jeff Sessions became the second member of the Trump administration in less than a week to provide “alternative facts” and backward analysis when it comes to marijuana. Yesterday, in a meeting with reporters, Sessions spoke out against marijuana legalization and implied that it’s leading to more violence. Ironically, Sessions’ comments are actually an argument for legalization. There is some violence associated with the illicit marijuana trade – but it’s caused by prohibition and the absence of legal regulation, not the marijuana plant itself. 

Trump Administration’s Claims About Pot and Opiod Use Are Dead Wrong — The Trump administration hinted yesterday of a forthcoming federal crackdown in the eight states that have elected to regulate their marijuana markets. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer alleges that such federal intrusion is necessary in order to try and stem the rising tide of prescription opioid abuse sweeping across various parts of the nation. Yet even a cursory look at the available evidence finds Spicer’s concerns to be misplaced and his allegations to be dead wrong.

Corvain Cooper with his oldest daughter.

Federal life for pot prisoner Corvain Cooper, pictured with his daughter Cleer.

Marijuana Lifer Corvain Cooper Tells His Story — Corvain Cooper has a harder and harder time explaining to his young daughters why he’s locked up. The 37 year old was sentenced to life without parole in 2014 for a nonviolent cannabis offense in North Carolina – specifically, conspiring to distribute marijuana and laundering money. While the strides being made by cannabis legalization activists in the United States give him hope that things may one day turn around for he and his fellow ‘marijuana lifers’, those same gains make it increasingly difficult to illustrate for his daughters why they may never see their father outside of prison again.

Marijuana News State by State

Feds Threaten to Shut Down Nevada Cannabis Cup — One of the world’s largest marijuana festivals, which is expected to be held this week on tribal land outside of Las Vegas, has been facing a possible shutdown for the past two weeks, according to a letter sent by federal officials earlier this month. U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden, based in Las Vegas, sent a Feb. 16 letter to the Moapa Paiute Tribe reminding the tribe that the transport, possession, use and distribution of marijuana is illegal under federal law. The marijuana trade show and festival, planned for March 4 and 5, would be in violation of that law, the letter said.



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