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Cheri Sicard and Prisoners Serving Life Sentences for MarijuanaThis Week’s Marijuana News Round-up: We Know Plenty About Marijuana, It’s Time to Regulate It Accordingly; Mild Strength Marijuana is the Future of Pot; Indiana’s Church of Cannabis Growing Like a Weed; Pot Lobby Drops Cheech and Chong; Texas Trooper Ordered Into Counseling After Being Photographed with Snoop Dogg; Obama Grants Clemency to Life for Lot Prisoner Darrell Hayden; Smelling Like Marijuana Is Not Illegal; and more!

Politics/Legal Marijuana News

We Know Plenty About Marijuana, It’s Time to Regulate It Accordingly —  A common refrain among proponents of continued cannabis criminalization is that there exists a dearth of science specific to the plant’s effects on consumers and society. This claim is woefully inaccurate.

Pot Lobby Drops Cheech and Chong — The marijuana lobby is tired of the “Cheech & Chong” stoner jokes and wants to be taken seriously in Congress.  That’s why the National Cannabis Industry Association dropped actor and marijuana activist Tommy Chong from its Capitol Hill lobbying push slated for the end of April. According to an internal email obtained by POLITICO, the cannabis industry wants to move past the stoner stereotypes embodied by Chong as it tries to remake itself as a serious and respectable segment of the economy.

Mild Strength Marijuana is the Future of Pot — Despite the police headlines about increased potency, the legal marijuana landscape is actually becoming more mellow and mild thanks to the influence of moderate, mainstream consumers as well as state regulations. These mild pot products now include: mints that pack a barely noticeable body buzz and unwind stress; pre-rolled joints with the strength of a craft beer; and topical rubs that zap shoulder pain without any high or danger of failing a drug test.

Obama Grants Clemency to Life for Lot Prisoner Darrell Hayden —  Francis Darrell Hayden and 21 other federal inmates, will have their sentences commuted on July 28, 2015, after President Obama signed their clemency petitions today.  Darrell, who was serving a sentence of life for pot, has been in prison for 16 years and had no possibility of parole for a  non-violent, marijuana-only offense.

Smelling Like Marijuana Is Not Illegal — While there are still many marijuana-related ways a person can get sent to the slammer in the United States, smelling as if you reside in an eternal hotbox is not one of them. However, this did not prevent administrators at a Massachusetts high school from calling police earlier this week after receiving reports that one of their cafeteria employees reeked of weed.

Marijuana News State-by-State

Indiana’s Church of Cannabis Growing Like a Weed —  A new religion glorifying cannabis is officially incorporated in Indiana, and adherents plan to take full advantage of the state’s controversial religious freedom law. That law – the Religious Freedom Restoration Act – generally bans state officials from burdening a person’s exercise of religion, “even if the burden results from a rule of general applicability.” Opponents say the law blesses discrimination by business owners against people they dislike, with most news coverage focused on the possible effects on sexual minorities.  Bill Levin, founder of the First Church of Cannabis, believes his religion will help restore the state’s reputation after an intense bout of bad press.

Texas Trooper Ordered Into Counseling After Being Photographed with Snoop Dogg —  A Texas state trooper has been reprimanded and forced to undergo “counseling” after being photographed with music legend Snoop Dogg. Trooper Billy Spears, who was pictured in uniform beside the rapper at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, is now fighting back, according to his lawyer, arguing that while he agreed to be photographed, he didn’t realized the famed rapper had marijuana convictions, or that they’d affect him.

Marijuana Lifestyle News

Writer Cheri Sicard Wants Women to Come Out of the Cannabis Closet — When you picture a marijuana user, you might think of a 20-something boy in college, a round table circa That ’70s Show or even Cheech and Chong. Cheri Sicard doesn’t fit any of those images. Sicard first became a regular marijuana user in her late 30s after the plant was recommended to her for a medical condition. “It worked amazing, and took care of a bunch of other things I had going on that I didn’t even know I was taking it for, but they disappeared,” Sicard told SheKnows. As a writer who was surprised by the efficacy of the plant and also concerned for her health, Sicard began researching the facts behind marijuana. “What I found was that everything I’d been taught was a lie.”

Marijuana Action Alert

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