Ask Cheri: Do Vaporizers Give Off Smoke or Odor When Vaping Marijuana?


Dear Cheri,

I am considering a vaporizer but odor is an issue.  Do cannabis vaporizers give off smoke?  Do they cause a lot of odor?  Does the smell of a vaporizer linger?

A lot of people mistakenly think vaporizers give off smoke.  However, while that diaphanous cloud coming from the mouth of someone who has just used a vape might look like smoke, it’s not smoke.  It doesn’t smell the same as smoke.  And it doesn’t linger in the air like smoke.

Yes, there is some odor when you vape.  However, that odor along with the vaporous cloud that carries it, both dissipate almost instantly.

I am in no advocating that you SHOULD do this, but I have discreetly vaped in all kinds of places where you are “not supposed to.”  This includes restaurants, movie theatres, and hotel rooms.  And I have never had an issue.  Others may or may not be so lucky.   I do always make an effort to keep it discreet and not draw any attention to myself.

So bottom line, if you are standing right next to someone while vaping, yes there might be an issue with vaporizer odor.  Otherwise, likely not.

One more note, when I do vape, I prefer to vape flowers, as opposed to oils and cartridges, as you never know what is in those and there have been many issues with them.  My favorite vape for this is DaVinci’s IQ.  Check out my review here.

Do vaporizers give off smoke or much odor?


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