Ask Cheri: Marijuana Butter vs. Cannabis Oil – What’s Best?


Cannabis or Marijuana Infused Butter and Cooking OilDear Cheri,

 What do you like to use better for cooking, cannabis infused butter or oil?

 Thanks for your insight.

 Greasy Guy

Dear Greasy Guy,

I am surprised at how frequently I get asked this question.  The answer is simple:  It depends!

What are you cooking?  Some things work better with cannabis infused butter, others work better with infused oil.  The medium isn’t important.  You can successfully infuse any type of edible fat with cannabis – butter, margarine, any variety of oil you would normally cook with, even solid at room temperature fats like vegetable shortening and coconut oil.  Use whatever works for the recipe you plan on making.

Also don’t forget you can eliminate the need for making cannabis butter or oil entirely and infuse your edibles with hash or kief instead.  This is my personal favorite method of cannabis cooking as it’s quick, easy, and hassle-free, and imparts less herbal flavor into the food.

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