Own a Piece of Cannabis History While Helping Marijuana Prisoners 

By  Cheri Sicard

 February 23, 2021

I wanted to share news of an exciting fundraiser to raise commissary money for 4 non-violent marijuana prisoners with very long federal sentences: Parker Coleman (60 years), Edwin Rubis (40 years), Luke Scarmazzo (20 years), and Lance Gloor (10 years).  Yes, these four men have 130 years between them…for marijuana!

Here is your chance to own a piece of cannabis history AND help out a marijuana prisoner at the same time.

I have been an advocate for marijuana prisoners for years now, most of them serving life sentences (or de-facto life sentences like Parker and Edwin).  Through those years I have happily watched many of them go free, most through clemencies granted by Presidents Obama and Trump, some through legal maneuverings specific to their cases, and a few through compassionate release.  Sadly, in one case, it was through death (RIP Leopoldo Hernandez-Miranda).

Cheri Sicard protesting for marijuana prisoners serving life sentences

4 Remaining Marijuana Prisoners

After all these years, only 4 prisoners that I have been working with all along remain incarcerated (I am sure there are others in the system, these four just happen to be the last of those I had been advocating for).   So that is why these four federal prisoners are the beneficiaries of this fundraiser, which was the brainchild of activist and jewelry designer Vanessa Waltz.

I first met Vanessa about 10 years or so ago.  It was now released marijuana lifer Larry Duke who first brought us together.  Larry loved Vanessa, who had been advocating for his cause for some time.   He felt it imperative that I, as a beginner activist at the time, get to know Vanessa.  We have been friends ever since.

So after the excitement of the many clemencies for marijuana prisoners that came on former President Trump’s last day in office, Vanessa contacted me wanting to help those who had been left behind.  Over the years she has used her jewelry business, Silverkind, to raise funds for lots of worthy causes, but this time she very generously wanted to help these four prisoners.

Activist and jewelry designer Vanessa Waltz

Vanessa designed a series of pendants that could be hung on a neck chain or used as keychains.  She is donating 100% of the sales of these items (minus shipping and Etsy fees) to the commissary accounts of Parker Coleman, Edwin Rubis, Luke Scarmazzo, and Lance Gloor.

Commissary funds are always essential, but in the days of Covid even more so as prisoners are frequently on lockdown for extended periods.  Having something decent to eat, or toothpaste and other hygiene items can help make life a trifle more tolerable.

These charm pendants are hand crafted and hand-stamped in nickel silver (sterling available by special request, please message shop for details) and include a 24" silver plated ball chain (which you can cut to a shorter length using a sharp scissors or wire snip) for a necklace, or a keychain attachment.  100% of the proceeds (minus Etsy fees, credit card fees, and shipping cost) will be donated to the commissary fund of the individual selected - Parker Coleman, Edwin Rubis, Lance Gloor, or Luke Scarmazzo. Purchase one for $20 to support a specific prisoner, or get a set of all 4 on one chain for a special price of $50 (proceeds divided evenly between the 4 guys).

Necklaces and keychians benefitting federal cannabis prisoners.

Now is your chance to own a piece a cannabis history, as these four represent a cross-section of what we hope are some of the final remaining federal marijuana prisoners.  Not only will you own a piece of history, you will be seriously helping out a federal prisoner caged for our precious plant.


Parker Coleman  

Marijuana Prisoners, Parker Coleman

Parker Coleman, Jr. is serving a de-facto life sentence (60 years) for a nonviolent marijuana conspiracy offense.  Like many people serving egregiously long sentences for marijuana, Parker Coleman is the victim of America’s conspiracy laws, where it takes no actual evidence to  get a conviction, just the testimony of others who are “cooperating” in order to avoid prison time.  Like others who take their cases to trial, as opposed to “cooperating” and testifying against others, Parker Coleman ended up with an extremely long sentence.  Unless he receives clemency, he will be in his 80s by the time he is released from prison. Follow Parker Coleman's Facebook page here.

Keychain and necklace charms in nickel silver, benefitting Parker Coleman, one of 4 marijuana prisoners

Edwin Rubis

Marijuana Lifer, Federl Prisoner Edwin Rubis

Edwin Rubis is serving a de-facto life sentence (40 years) in federal prison. He is a devoted advocate for non violence and rehabilitation. While in prison he has become an ordained minister, finished college, become a dental technician, and is currently working on his doctorate.  He also mentors other prisoners.  Edwin's family has posted a pardon/clemency petition asking for his immediate release.  Sign that petition here.

Keychain and necklace charms in nickel silver, benefitting Edwin Rubis, one of 4 marijuana prisoners
Cannabis Prisoner Luke Scarmazzo

Luke Scarmazzo has served over 10 years of a 22 year sentence in federal prison for operating a state-legal medical marijuana dispensary in California.  President Obama granted clemency to Luke's business partner Ricardo Montes, but sadly Luke was left behind.   His teenaged daughter Jasmine has created a petition for his clemency.  Sign that petition here.

Keychain and necklace charms in nickel silver, benefitting Luke Scarmazzo, one of 4 marijuana prisoners

Lance Gloor  

Cannabis POW Lance Gloor

Lance Gloor is a federal cannabis prisoner serving a 10 year federal prison sentence for legal medical cannabis in Washington state, despite the fact that he was running a state legal enterprise.  Learn more about Lance at the website his family created to help his cause.

Keychain and necklace charms in nickel silver, benefitting Lance Gloor , one of 4 marijuana prisoners

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