Cannabis Cheri: Advice on Starting a Cannabis Business; Lots of Infused Snack Recipes


Hi Everyone,

This issue I tackle an often asked question about starting a marijuana business.  My advice may not be quite what you want to hear, but I guarantee it is sound.  Read on for that plus lots of tasty snack recipes!!!

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Advice on Starting a Marijuana Business

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Dear Cheri

My state is expected to legalize marijuana soon.  I am a chef and want to open a cannabis restaurant.  I think I even have a great location.  As a fellow cannabis chef do you have any words of wisdom for someone starting a marijuana business?

Yes I do!

Watch the video and/or read the answer here.

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Cannabis Snack Recipes!


If you have the munchies the medicated recipes in the Cannabis Snacks archive have got you covered with snacks for all tastes, occasions, and seasons.
Cannabis Infused Snack Recipe Archive

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