Cannabis Cheri: Ardent FX for Cooking; Online 420 Party; Dank Deviled Eggs


Hi Everyone,

Before we get to this week’s newsletter (and the promised review of the new Ardent FX — man I LOVE this gadget), I wanted to let you know about the online course discount being extended, and also how to celebrate 420 while continuing social distancing.

Online Course Discount Extended!

Because social distancing is continuing on longer than expected.  And because it is 4-20 (all month long). And because so many of you missed out the first time around and have asked (begged) for an extension, I talked my business partners into extending the 50% discount on online courses at  The discount will be in place throughout the month of April, so enroll now for lifetime access to all my courses including “Easy Cannabis Cooking for Home Cooks,” “Easy DIY Marijuana Topicals and Skin Care,” and “A Crash Course in Cannabis.”

Instead of watching reruns, binge watch these courses and SERIOUSLY up your level of cannabis knowledge and skills!

In order to get the discount, enter the coupon code STAYHEALTHY50 at checkout. (Note: Discount not available on payment plans.)

Join Me on 420!

Celebrate with The Great American Sesh In, an online cannabis, music, and arts festival that benefits first responders and is happening on April 20th.  I will be one of many cannabis personalities contributing.  There will also be great music and celebrity guests including B-Real, Tommy Chong, Rob Garza, Roots of Creation, and more.  Stay home, celebrate, and help flatten the curve!

Cheri's Favorite Marijuana Products

Ardent Fx: Decarboxylator, Infuser, Baker

Ardent FX: Cannabis Decarboxylator, Infuser, and Baker

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I am a big fan of the original Ardent Nova Decarboxylator.  In fact, it is the ONLY special marijuana cooking gadget I personally use and recommend.  This invaluable tool perfectly decarboxylates your cannabis and also makes small batches of marijuana butter, oil, or other infusions.

My only real complaint with the Nova was its small size.  In fact, when I first talked to Nova inventor Shanel Lindsay years ago, my first question was “When are you going to make a bigger one?”

No more!  Introducing the Nova’s big brother, the Ardent FX!

The FX does everything the Nova did and more.

With the larger size,  you can now decarboxylate up to 4 ounces of cannabis at once, and with an inside capacity of 6 cups you can infuse a quart or more of butter, oil, etc. at a time (anything except alcohol).  Just like the Nova, it is all odor-free (at least until you open the lid, then of course there is a little).

But size is not all that Ardent improved upon.  The Ardent FX was in development for a long time and it shows.

The Nova had one setting, not so the FX.  There are now two different decarboxylation settings, one optimized for THC, the other for CBD, which is great news for those cooking with high CBD strains.  There is also a separate infusion setting that runs at a lower temperature.
Read more about the Ardent FX and watch the video here.

Save on the Ardent FX (or the Ardent Nova)

Enter the coupon code CANNACHERI at checkout to get $30.00 off the new Ardent FX or the original Ardent Nova!

Money Saving Cannabis Coupon

  • DaVinci is offering their fabulous Miqro personal flower vaporizer for just $99 during the month of April.  Celebrate 420 with your own personal flower vape at a great savings (and DaVinci almost NEVER does sales).
  • Ardent Decarboxylater: For $30.00 off the Ardent Decarboxylator/Small Batch Infuser enter the coupon code CANNACHERI at checkout.
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eat your weed

Incredible Edible Eggs

Platter of cannabis infused Deviled Eggs on a vintage deviled eggs platter

If last week’s Easter celebration left your house an over-abundance of hard boiled eggs, today’s recipes can help fix that.  (If not, boil up a pot of eggs, you’ll be glad you did).

Deviled Eggs are a classic for a reason, everyone LOVES them.  Guess what? They’re easy to medicate too.  So is egg salad.  Below is my personal favorite take on this easy sandwich filling.  I make it often, both with and without marijuana in the mix.

Marijuana Recipes - OG Egg and Olive Marijuana Sandwich

Cheri Sicard, author Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women

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