Cannabis Cheri: Ardent FX Functions Explained; Infused Mexican Style Corn


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Lately I have been questions from folks who are confused about the buttons and function on the Ardent FX (my personal favorite cooking gadget).  I explain all today, plus you’ll find one of my favorite infused summer recipes, Elote en Vaso – Mexican style corn like the street vendors sell (except with cannabis).  Read on.

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A lot of viewers have written in since I first reviewed the Ardent FX confused about the various buttons and how they function. It’s actually a very simple gadget to use, but enough of you have asked that I thought I would explain in greater detail.

More on the Ardent FX

Click for my original review of the Ardent FX along with an infusion making demonstration.

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Mexican Style Street Food Corn: Elote en Vaso

Marijuana Infused Elote en Vaso, mexican style street corn

A popular street food in Mexico, this easy to make dish is crunchy, spicy, zesty, sweet, and salty, all at the same time. You might have tried Mexican Style corn on the cob before, well Elote en Vaso uses all the same ingredients just served in a glass instead, making it easier and neater to eat.  And easier to medicate.

Of course, the street vendors don’t make Elote en Vaso with cannabis butter, but you can at home.  In fact, even without the cannabis added, I prefer this dish made at home where I can use real butter as the street vendors always use cheaper margarine.  So made at home the flavor is even better!

Feel free to play with the proportions of ingredients to find a flavor mix you like.  If you can’t find Mexican Cotija cheese, grated Parmesan makes a good substitute.

This dish makes a great way to use  your marijuana butter. Check out my Making Marijuana Butter tutorial for directions on how to make it.
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