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Before I get to today’s newsletter, I am thrilled to share some good news!

Marijuana Craig Cesal and daughter Lauren
Craig Cesal and daughter Lauren posing OUTSIDE the entrance to FCI Terre Haute, where he was just released to home confinement.

That’s marijuana lifer Craig Cesal in the photo above with his daughter Lauren.  Craig is one of many cannabis prisoners I advocate for with life sentences for marijuana.  After being incarcerated since 2002, Craig was finally allowed to go to home confinement (he still has his sentence, but at least he no longer in the Covid 19 prison petri dish).

Craig was one of the first prisoners I started working with way back when I first started my advocacy, so this one is a very personal victory for me.  It was a BIG BATTLE but we won.   Read more about what it took to make this happen here and a HUGE thank you to everyone who has sent emails and letters or made phone calls on Craig’s behalf in the past.


OK, on to the newsletter.  This week I wanted to focus on marijuana brownies, a classic for a reason.  They are easy to make tasty, freezer friendly, and contain a significant amount of fat which makes them an ideal carrier for cannabis (unlike gummies, I will NEVER understand how the public came to think of fat-free gummies as a good food to medicate, but that’s a rant for another time).  For now let’s look to a fabulous food to medicate, BROWNIES!

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Are Pot Brownies from the Edge of the Pan More Potent?

cannabis brownies

Dear Cheri,

I wonder if you can help me.  I am new new to the world of cannabis, and specifically edibles. I baked brownies but I think I undercooked them.  The edges were lightly crunchy but the center was more fudgy.

My question is this: the more cooked parts gave me a very pleasant good high, but the center didn’t affect me at all, even when I ate multiple squares.  On the other hand, the edges worked with one 2 x 1 inch square. What happened?

I made my own butter and decarbed according to internet instructions. I followed instructions precisely in making both butter and brownies.  They tasted good but I only felt the high on the crunchy edge parts.  Any answers you have would be great.  Thank you.

The short answer is yes, the edge brownies are likely more potent.  To learn why and what you can do about it, click to
Read more and watch the video.

Pot Brownies in Politics and Pop Culture

Mary Jane Rathbun, AKA Brownie Mary
Mary Jane Rathbun, AKA Brownie Mary

Pot brownies are so closely tied to the public’s perception of marijuana use, they have even been the star (or co-star) on the big screen.  They also inspired the political movement that first lead to California becoming the first state to legalize medical marijuana.  Read more about Pot Brownies and Politics and Pop Culture, along with why Alice B Toklas Brownies are not really brownies at all, here.


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MARIJUANA BROWNIES! A Classic for a Reason

How long do marijuana edibles last?

It makes sense that pot brownies are so popular.  They taste great.  They are easy to make, usually in a single pot (no pun intended) or bowl, so there is little mess.  They are easy to pick up and eat.  And they pack well and are freezer friendly.  What’s not to like?  This page at the link below has tips for making marijuana brownies, dosing them, and freezing them, PLUS a ton of medicated brownie recipes for all tastes and all seasons.
The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Brownies PLUS Recipes


Cheri Sicard, author Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women

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