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It has been a busy time around the Cannabis Cheri headquarters lately.  That’s because a  BIG NEW UPDATE is coming to my DIY Cannabis Topicals and Skincare course that I know can benefit a whole lot of you, especially if you suffer from back pain, sciatica, menstrual cramps, and many more common (and not so common) conditions.

IF you are already enrolled in this course, you will get this update FREE (as with all my courses, you get lifetime access, including future updates free).  If you are NOT currently enrolled in the course, there is a big new re-launch bonus promotion coming next week, so if you have ever wanted to enroll, that would be a good time as you will get a limited time discount offer to celebrate this exciting new upgrade.

I promise to tell you more about it this week, just as soon as we get the finishing touches on the new videos.  Hopefully no later than Wednesday.  Stay tuned for that.

In today’s newsletter, we look at a new study that examined CBD and liver toxicity.  Also, I can’t believe I had never published a classic Chocolate Chip recipe before.  I have remedied that now.  Read on!

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Landmark Study Looks at CBD Use and Liver Toxicity

CBD use and liver toxicity title card

A groundbreaking clinical study exploring the effects of CBD on liver health has concluded after seven months of research. The IRB-approved study was commissioned, designed and conducted by ValidCare in response to requests in early 2020 by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The results showed the study’s participants exhibited no evidence of liver toxicity after using CBD daily for a minimum of 60 days. The FDA, which requested science-based data to help inform regulatory decisions for hemp-derived CBD products, has been informed by ValidCare investigators about the positive results of the study.
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Classic Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies

While I have published hundreds of creative and exotic cannabis recipes, I realize every now and then that I am missing some of the classics.  Chocolate Chip cookies being one.  So it was beyond HIGH TIME I did something about it.  Below is a terrific classic chocolate chip cookie recipe, medicated with marijuana butter (click here to learn how to make it if you don’t already know), based upon Nestlé’s legendary Toll House cookies.

Freezer Friendly Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies

One of the best things about this recipe is that it is freezable!  I like to portion out individual cookies, place on a baking sheet and freeze solid before transferring to plastic freezer storage bags.  When you are ready for a medicated treat, simply remove the number of cookies you like, and bake up hot fresh medicated cookies anytime you want them.

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