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Happy Independence Day!  Make it a happy one in these strange times we are living through.  You can still have an old fashioned backyard cookout, and this issue has the recipes to help you do it!

Also, today I want to talk about gadgets (in addition to the grill recipes).  I am frequently asked my opinion of the popular cooking gadgets out there, namely the Magical Butter Machine, the Levo, and Ardent FX and Nova.  I do not like to slam companies so I have put off publicly addressing it, but I get the questions often enough that it was time to talk about it.  I do in this newsletter.  Read on!

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Cannabis Cooking Gadget Discussion

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I have been putting off writing this post/recording this video for a long time.  That’s cause I usually only do product reviews of things we like and if I am not a fan of a product I generally just decline to review it or talk about it.  But I am asked about the Magical Butter Machine and the Levo Infuser so often, I felt I might as well just share my thoughts on them once and for all.

When it comes to cannabis cooking gadgets, before we begin I want to stress right off the bad that you don’t actually NEED any of them.  You can make perfectly fine edibles using ordinary kitchen equipment, meaning stove and pots and pan, or a slow cooker is nice.  But you don’t need anything special to cook with cannabis.  So if one more person tells me they are waiting until this or that gadget arrives to start, I am going to pull what little hair I have left, out.

In fact, if you are a beginner, I strongly suggest you try cannabis cooking out with what you already have before investing in ANY sort of gadget.  What if you don’t like cannabis cooking? You’ve wasted a whole bunch of money.  That said if a cannabis cooking gadget is in your future, first be sure to:
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Summer is Here, Time to Fire Up the Ganja Grill!

Marijuana Recipes - Flank Steak with Cheeba Chimichurri Sauce

Grill season is here, so time to celebrate with some delicious fire-kissed infused recipes!  Check these out!

Marijuana Recipes - Grilled Fish Tacos with Ganja Green Chile Salsa

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