Cannabis Cheri: CBD and Drug Tests; One Last Summer BBQ


Hi Everyone!

I know last week was “Back to School” week (college and university that is) here at Cannabis Cheri, but summer is not quite over yet.  Let’s squeeze in one more cookout before we start embracing the upcoming onslaught of “pumpkin spice” everything! Read on for recipes.  I also cover a frequently asked CBD question.

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CBD molecule and scientific drug testing vialsDear Cheri,

I want to use cannabis but am regularly drug tested for work, so I know that THC is out. My question is, does CBD show up in UA (urinary analysis)?  Will CBD show up on a drug test?
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Recipes for One Last Summer Cookout

marijuana hamburgers

This summer is about to fade away into the sunset and it’s almost time for the annual onslaught of everything pumpkin spice.  But before that happens, there’s still time to get out the grill and enjoy one (or maybe more depending on where you live) summer cookouts.  Of course, I always invite Mary Jane to my cookouts.  You can too by making one or more of these favorites that I often pull out when I have guests coming over for a cookout.

Marijuana Recipes -- Lemon Berry Trifles in a Jar


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