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I have to confess it has been a loooooooong time since I had to think about the possibility of making edibles within the confines of a college dorm room or cafeteria, but that is the subject I tackle in this Cannabis Cheri “Back to School” issue of the newsletter.  The tips, suggestions, and recipes for easy to make edibles on the fly will also benefit anyone who regularly lives out of hotel rooms too.  Registered Nurse Lanny Swerdlow also contributed an article in defense of youth marijuana use (no not children, but young adults).  Read on!

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In Defense of Young Adult Marijuana Use: Medical Marijuana Is NOT Just for Seniors

Medical Marijuana Protest

The favorite straw men and women of the opponents of medicinal marijuana are patients in their 20s and 30s. These reefer madness drug warriors beat their breasts exclaiming the horrors of marijuana use by young healthy adults. These ill-informed drug warriors say this young adult marijuana use clearly demonstrates that the voters were duped by their compassion when they voted to legalize medical marijuana.

Just because a person is under 30 does not mean they would not benefit from the use of cannabis any more than a person under 30 would not benefit from the use of prescription painkillers, anti-anxiety medication or antibiotics. The idea that cannabis use is only for folks with one foot in the grave is rubbish as can be easily seen if one takes a moment to read and learn about the substantial health and medical benefits from the use of cannabis for people of all ages.
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Dank Dorm Room (or Hotel Room) Dining

A reader recently asked if I had any suggestions for edibles he could make in his dorm room or using the college cafeteria, as it was time to head back to school. I have to confess that as a “senior” stoner,” a lot of years have passed since I had to consider the topic of feeding myself within the limits of a college dorm or cafeteria. Decades of food writing have left me with an amazing, well-equipped kitchen. So this article was a fun challenge – recipes you make with limited ingredients, like those you can find in cafeteria and salad bar line, and just a few tools and cooking implements like a microwave or a torch (yes the same one you use for dabbing).  Click the link for tips and lots of quick and easy ways to medicate ordinary foods.
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Dank Dorm Room Dining Recipes

These easy to make recipes are great medicated or unmedicated. They take no pots or pans whatsoever and are quick and easy to make using ingredients and that are both inexpensive and easy to get your hands on.

Marijuana Infused Pizzadilla

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