Cannabis Cheri: DIY Cannabis Blends; AMAZING Chocolate Pudding


Hi Everyone!

Today I answer a reader question about mixing cannabis strains (spoiler alert: it can be both therapeutic and fun to make your own designer blends!).  Plus another reader asked for a healthier way to consume her cannabis.  This week’s delicious chocolate recipe fits the bill.  Read on!

Bill Maher quite: "I'm a bong-half-full kind of guy."

(Bill Maher said this on his HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher on 4-9-21.)

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Making Your Own Designer Cannabis Blends

Mixing cannabis strains to make a marijuana salad.

Dear Cheri,

I am happily devouring (pun intended) the information on making Mary Jane edibles in your cooking and gummy courses.  My question today is, do you have any information or an opinion on throwing in some high CBD strains of cannabis with the THC strains in my infusion?

Sure, you can definitely do this if you want the medicinal effects of both CBD and THC, and to be sure, they do work best together rather than in isolation. But mixing cannabis strains can go far beyond just mixing THC and CBD.  I call it making marijuana “salads.”  The technique works for cooking as well as for cannabis you smoke or vape.
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AMAZING Healthy, Quick  and Easy Cannabis Chocolate Pudding

Cannabis Recipes - Amazing Vegan Raw Chocolate Pudding


You have to try this recipe to believe it, cause the ingredient list might sound strange.  But trust me, taste this recipe – rich, creamy, fudgy, but with no dairy, no gluten, and no sugar! It’s even healthy enough to eat for breakfast for those who choose to wake and bake.  If that weren’t enough, it only takes about 5 minutes (or less) to make!  TRY IT AND SEE!
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