Cannabis Cheri: Dosing Dilemmas; Recipe for Infused Shrimp Creole


Hi Everyone,
Cheri Sicard on how to prepare marijuana for cooking
I wanted to take a minute to let you know about my (fairly) new YouTube channel.  I had held off on YouTube because they were notorious for deleting cannabis accounts, but have decided to slowly dip my toe into it.  There are a number of videos there now and we upload a new one every Wednesday.  Check it out!

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how much marijuana to a stick of butter

Dear Cheri,

How much marijuana to a stick of butter?  OR How much marijuana should I use for a cup of oil?  OR What’s a good amount of marijuana butter to use in my pot brownies?

I get variations on these questions all the time and my answer is always the same:

I have no idea. You didn’t give me nearly enough information to give you any kind of meaningful advice.

First and foremost, there is NO SUCH THING as an ideal recommended cannabis dose that fits everyone. But even if there were such a thing as an across the board ideal cannabis edibles dose, which there isn’t but if there was, the questions above still lack two crucial pieces of information needed to accurately give advice: the strength of the cannabis and the tolerance of the person consuming it.
Read more and watch the video about how to determine how much marijuana to use to get a dose that’s right for you.

eat your weed

Marijuana Recipes: Sativa Shrimp Creole

Marijuana Recipes - Sativa Shrimp Creole

Sweet shrimp swim in a spicy tomato sauce in this classic Creole dish. Serve over white or brown rice. I prefer to medicate this recipe with decarboxylated kief or hash because it would be easy to get too a high temperature if you used canna-butter or oil in the roux, especially if you like your roux darker. (Too high a temperature will render THC useless.)
Get the Sativa Shrimp Creole Recipe

 Learn more about Cooking with Hash and Kief at this link.

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