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In what has been immodestly heralded as an historic vote, the House of Representatives by an overwhelming margin of 267 to 165 voted to approve an amendment protecting the laws in states that have legalized marijuana to the multi-billion dollar super large-scale Appropriations bill that funds major parts of the federal government for Fiscal Year 2020.

This amendment denies funding to the Dept. of Justice to enforce federal marijuana laws in states that have legalized not just medical marijuana, as it has done since 2014, but expands the funding prohibition to all states that have legalized marijuana for any use. Most notably the amendment received more “yes” votes than the 2015 amendment protecting only medical cannabis states.
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Lemon Berry Mini Pound Cakes

Marijuana Recipes - Lemon Berry Haze Pound Cake

Tart flavors from berries and citrus make these cakes a winner. True cannabis gourmets will want to make this with Lemon Haze or another citrusy strain, but any infused marijuana butter will do. Use fresh berries in season or frozen anytime. While I like using a mixture, you could also make these cakes with just one type of berry.
Get the Lemon Berry Mini Pound Cakes Recipe.

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