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Hi Everyone,

I have been getting so many questions lately about freezing edibles and freezing marijuana butter and oil, it made me think it is probably time to revisit the topic since so many new people have joined this newsletter.  Also, while a friend was preparing some churros the other day, I was again struck just how magical that cinnamon-sugar pairing can be, which in turn prompted me to dig out some favorite recipes using it.   Read on!

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Can I Freeze Canna Butter or Oil?  How About Prepared Edibles?

Dear Cheri,

I am making meals with my cannabis infused oil and I wanted to know if it’s OK to freeze meals infused with THC oil? If so does it take away from the potency or quality?  I am making hot pockets but would like to freeze them and microwave when ready to eat.  How about freezing the oil or cannabis infused butter alone?

Get the answer and freezing tips here.

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The Magical Combination of CInnamon and Sugar!!!

Cannabis Recipes: Easy Overnight Marijuana Monkey Bread

I am not sure if a more intoxicating scent than cinnamon and sugar exists.  Of course, it has a pretty amazing flavor too.  I was inspired to dig out my medicated cinnamon sugar recipes the other day when a friend made churros, and I am glad I did.  My home has been filled with that intoxicating scent and my neighbors love all the treats.  Here are some of my favorite Cinnamon based sweet recipes.  Let me know what you think.

Marijuana infused Beaver Tails Canadian Style Donuts


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