Cannabis Cheri: Grillin’ and Chillin’ with Mary Jane; When Marijuana Marinades Makes Sense


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This issue I tackle a question I got about infused cookouts and barbecues.  Not a bad idea during the current times.  Small outdoor gatherings where guests can stay 6 feet apart is about as safe as socializing can get right now.  Just remember, no more sharing joints!  I can help with the menu.  Read on!

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Marijuana and Marinades

Marijuana Infused Marinades

A subscriber to my You Tube channel asked if it was possible to infuse the meat for a barbecue.  Yes, for chickens, turkeys, and large roasts, using an injectable infused marinade can work.   Otherwise, you are wasting good weed.
Get more details and recipes at this link.

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This week’s You Tube video is about menu tips when hosting an infused summer barbecue.
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Mary Jane’s BBQ Sauce

Marijuana Barbecue Sauce Recipe

Get the recipe for Cannabis BBQ Sauce

MORE Cannabis Infused Cookout Recipes

Click for more great cannabis infused recipes to serve at a summer cookout – appetizers, entrees, salads, sides, condiments, and desserts!

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