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Hi Everyone!

I am still hard at work on the topicals course.  I am doing my best to have it launched this September.  It might be the last day of September, but I am trying  (I had some personal setbacks I won’t bore you with the details of, but we are back on track).  Stay tuned.

In other news, I recently traveled up to Humboldt County where the smell of this year’s upcoming harvest is in the air.  I was lucky enough to sample some of the early crop and it looks like it is going to be amazing year for California’s legacy cannabis growers.  If you are a cannabis aficionado, you owe yourself a visit to the beautiful area of the country.

If you too are getting ready to harvest your personal grow, be sure to check out this handy resource:

marijuana and alcohlism

Cannabis Learning -
How Long to Hold a Hit of Marijuana?

Photos of a person trying to hold their breath

Dear Cheri,

My friend and I are having an argument and we hope you can settle a bet for us. When smoking marijuana, I was always taught to inhale a hit and hold it for as long as possible before exhaling in order to get the most from it. My friend says you can inhale and immediately exhale and get the same effect or better. There’s an 8th of top-shelf riding on this.  Who’s right?
Get the answer.

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Marijuana Cookies

photos of marijuana infused cookiesWho doesn’t love cookies?  And cookies make a great way to “Eat Your Weed!”  They also make thoughtful homemade gifts.  Check out this page for a fabulous collection of infused cookie recipes.

Cannabis Cheri Sicard - how to prepare marijuana for cooking


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