Cannabis Cheri: How to Infuse Turkey; DIY Gifts; Kief to Flower Conversions


Hi Everyone,

This issue I answer a question about using kief instead of flowers or infusions when cooking.  I also focus on infused turkey (guess what, my deep friend turkey medicating methods also work with roast turkey).   Besides big holiday dinners, turkey is great to have around for sandwiches and snacks, and it is so inexpensive this time of year, why not medicate a turkey!

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How Much Kief Instead of Flower in Cooking?

Cannabis flowers and cannabis kief

Dear Cheri,

What’s the ratio for using kief instead of flower in cannabis cooking?

Get the answers here.

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DIY GIfts for Marijuana Lovers

DIY gifts for cannabis lovers

Gifting season is upon us.  If you have cannabis lovers among your loved ones, why not create a little something yourself?  This page has some easy to make ideas and options.

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Cannabis Infused Turkey

Marijuana Deep Fried Turkey

When it comes to medicating turkey, an injectable marinade, like those I use in my Deep Friend Turkey Tutorial is the way to go.

But guess what?  You don’t HAVE to fry the turkey.

The marinades work just as well in a roast turkey!  I found this out about two years ago when my turkey fryer took a crap right before the bird was supposed to hit the oil.  Instead, I popped the turkey, which had been injected with a medicated marinade, in the oven and roasted it (following the time and temp instructions that came with the turkey).  It came out beautiful, moist, and delicious.  So know that even though the instructions at the links below do not talk about roasting, know that you also have that option.

Cheri Sicard, author Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women

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