Cannabis Cheri: Improving Edibles’ Flavor; Fabulous Reefer Risottos


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The girls have grown tremendously since last I saw them.  If you too are about to harvest, be sure to check out the Essential Tools for a Successful Marijuana Harvest article.

This week I offer up two of my favorite risotto recipes, medicated of course, and also tackle a reader question about improving the flavor of marijuana edibles.  Read on!

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Improving the Flavor of Homemade Edibles

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Dear Cheri,

HELP! I just don’t like the taste of my homemade edibles!  Why are the ones I buy at the dispensary so much better tasting and how can I improve the flavor of what I make at home?

The second the most common question I get (after how to properly dose edibles) is how to improve their flavor.  While there are a few rare individuals who enjoy the acrid green flavor of cannabis in their food, most do not, so you’re not alone.

In answer to your first question, store-bought edibles often taste better because they are usually made with a specially produced distillate — a pure cannabis concentrate, created specifically for edibles manufacturers.  When making distillate for vape cartridges, the maker will usually add terpenes and flavors, elements that were removed in the process of creating the distillate, back in.  When creating distillate for cooking, the terpenes are usually left out, making for a more neutral flavor.

Home cooks, on the other hand, don’t always have the luxury of specially created distillate.  More often than not, they will cook with trimmings or flowers from the whole plant, or with solventless concentrates like dry ice kief or water hash.  These have more flavors as the terpenes remain intact.  However, that’s a good thing as many of the plant’s medicinal effects are carried in the terpenes, so in my mind, it’s a worthwhile trade-off for a little less than ideal flavor.

That said, here are some things you can do to improve the flavor of marijuana edibles, even when cooking with whole plant cannabis.

Watch the video and check out all the edibles flavor improving tips here.

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Fabulous Reefer Risottos

Risotto really makes rice into something special, and adding cannabis as well, takes it to the next level.  While it takes a little time and stirring, first-rate risotto is not difficult to make.  Use a flavorful stock and lots of seasoning to get great tasting risotto.

This classic rice dish can be used as a fancy side dish, or pair with soup and/or salad and it’s a main course.

Here are two of my personal all-time favorite risotto recipes.

Cannabis Infused Mushroom and Blue Cheese Risotto

Marijuana Recipes - Apple Parmesan Risotto Recipe

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