Cannabis Cheri: Infused Summer Side Dishes; MJ Swimwear; DIY Lemon Haze Bath Salts


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I am not sure how it happened but here we are in the middle of summer.  Unlike any other to be sure.  This issue celebrates that, even if you have to celebrate from the back yard.  (I don’t know about you, I was supposed to be starting a cross country road trip in a few weeks.  Maybe next year…)

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Cheri's Favorite Marijuana Products

In the Swim with Mary Jane

Beach plans may or may not be scrapped this year, but even from the back yard, these whimsical and stylish swimsuits will outfit you in HIGH style!

Ladies Cannabis Swimsuits

A collection of marijuana themed bathing suits and bikinis


Men’s Marijuana Swim Trunks and Swim Briefs

Collection of men's marijuana tehed swim trunks, board shorts and speedos.


marijuana DIY

Easy to Make Lemon Haze Bath Salts

article title for DIY Marijuana Bath Salts

These invigorating lemon-scented cannabis-infused bath salts are a perfect soothing addition to a cooling bath after a hot summer day.  They are super simple to make too.
Get the Lemon Bath Salts tutorial here.

Money Saving Cannabis Coupon

eat your weed

Easy Summer Side Dishes

With summer grill season in full swing, sometimes the best way to “eat your weed” is in the form of a delicious side dish to whatever main course you are serving.  Check out some of my favorite summer side dishes!

Marijuana Recipes: Cannabis Infused Radical Ratatouille

Marijuana Infused Elote en Vaso, mexican style street corn

Cheri Sicard, author Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women

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