Cannabis Cheri: Infusions from Concentrates?; Favorite Marijuana Autumn Salads


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An often asked question answered in this newsletter, along with fabulous infused salad recipes for fall.  Read on!

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Is It Necessary to Make Infusions When Cooking with Concentrates?

Cannabis Concentrates

A question I am frequently asked concerns cannabis concentrates like FECO, RSO, Hash Oils (in all their various forms and textures), Isolates, and Distillates.  The question is always the same:

Do I need to make an infused cannabis butter or oil with the concentrate OR can I just stir the concentrate into the recipe?

Get the answer and watch the video.

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Favorite Salads for Autumn

Marijuana Recipes: Mixed Green Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette

Just because it is autumn does not mean slad season is over.  Check out these fabulous fall infused salads:

Marijuana Recipes - Enlightened Waldorf Salad


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