Cannabis Cheri: Ingenious Straining Hack; Easy Blueberry Marijuana Muffins


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I don’t know about you but I think I am going to be fat(er) when all this social distancing is over.  We have been cooking up some mighty fine feasts with all the extra time at home.  However, today’s recipe is actually super quick and easy.  Cause sometimes you just want a treat and go watch Netflix!

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Ardent FX Decarboxylator, Infuser, and Baker

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marijuana DIY

straining a small batch of marijuana oil

After a recent move I could not find my tiny funnels anywhere!  These little funnels are invaluable when draining and straining small batches of marijuana infusions like the wrinkle serums I regularly use or small batches of butter or oil made in the Ardent Nova Decarboxylator.

Well, there I was with a batch of infused wrinkle serum that needed to be strained into a small bottle but no funnel anywhere.  I was in the process of making a friend’s birthday cake while the serum was infusing in the Ardent Nova.  I looked across the counter and saw my cake decorating kit.  Lightbulb moment!

I got out a large icing tip, placed a small pipe screen inside, put it into the tiny bottle and voila! Instant tiny funnel.  My infused wrinkle serum was drained and strained in no time.
Read more and watch the video.

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eat your weed

Quick and Easy Blueberry Marijuana Muffins (and More Blueberry Recipes)

cannabis infused blueberry muffins

I recently discovered a big bag of frozen blueberries I forgot I had hidden the back of the freezer.  Time to make muffins!  If you have canna-oil on hand, this delicious recipe goes together in minutes!  And it’s freezer friendly too!
Get the Quick and Easy Blueberry Marijuana Muffins Recipe.

More medicated Blueberry Recipes

Marijuana Recipes - Steel Cut Oats with Blueberries and Hemp Seeds

Cheri Sicard, author Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women

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