Cannabis Cheri: Making Marijuana Vinaigrettes; How Much is Too Much Cannabis?


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Today Registered Nurse Lanny Swerdlow (my mentor in cannabis) answers a question I get relatively frequently, and that is “How much is too much marijuana?”  It is true people get worried about dosing but it need not cause you stress.

Also, I include news of one of my FAVORITE ways to use marijuana oil – vinaigrettes.  I am also making available for free download, the class handout from a class I taught on marijuana vinaigrettes a few years ago at Los Angeles’ first-ever “Edibles Expo.”

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How Much Marijuana is Too Much?

how much marijuana

How do you determine what is the right amount of cannabis to consume whether it be for facilitating a good night’s sleep, relieving pain, alleviating depression or as an alternative to other drugs and alcohol? Looking at how doctors prescribe medications can be instructive.
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Cannabis Vinaigrettes: The Easiest Way to Use Marijuana Oil

How to Make Versatile Cannabis Vinaigrettes

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to use your marijuana-infused oil?  Look no further than cannabis vinaigrettes.

At its most basic form, a vinaigrette is nothing more than a mixture of an oil with an acid – usually vinegar, sometimes citrus juices.  Most cookbooks recommend a basic formula of 1 part acid (or vinegar) to 3 parts oil.  If you have good organic salad ingredients, this basic formula and a little salt and pepper are all these ingredients need to really shine.

But vinaigrettes can be about so much more than just vinegar and oil – hence all those bottles crowding the supermarket   Think of them as a blank canvas that you can embellish in countless ways depending on the occasion, your mood, and what you happen to have on hand.  They can be subtle and delicate, or bold and spicy, or fruity, and every variation and combination in between you can imagine.

Get ready to have some with flavor and start making your own vinaigrettes for salad dressings, marinades, dipping sauces, and adding dashes of flavor to all kinds of dishes.  Download my free Cannabis Vinaigrette Tutorial (at the link below), for more details.  This is the exact class handout I gave to students at a class on Cannabis Vinaigrettes that I gave at the first ever “Edibles Expo” in Los Angeles a few years back.  In it you’ll find my favorite vinaigrette recipes, plus mix and match lists of ingredients you can use to come up with your own delicious formulas.
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