Cannabis Cheri: Valentines Day with Mary Jane; Dishonest Marijuana Recipes


This week, after letting you in on a secret of what marijuana recipes are NOT telling you,  I am focusing on Valentine’s Day.  Personally, I usually spend the day with four of my favorite men, Ben and Jerry, and my rescue mutts Bruno and Budley.  But even if, like me, you don’t have a special Valentine, these recipes will also make your cherished friends feel special and loved.  And that is ALWAYS a good thing no matter what time of year.  And if you DO have a special cannabis-loving Valentine, prepare to get VERY lucky this year.   (Infused Edible Chocolate Body Paint anyone? OOOH LA LA!)

Before I get to the meat of the newsletter, I wanted to share a New Years’ greetings letter from marijuana lifer Edwin Rubis.  As many of you know, I have been a long time advocate for federal prisoners serving LIFE SENTENCES for nonviolent marijuana offenses, and Edwin is one of “my guys.”

New Year’s Greetings from the Big House

Marijuana Lifer, Federl Prisoner Edwin Rubis

Believe it or not, even in this age of enlightenment and legalization, there are still plenty of people in prison for nonviolent marijuana “crimes.”  NOTHING has changed at the federal level, despite many changes at the state levels.  Likewise, there are still people in prison serving life without parole as well as de-facto life sentences for marijuana (click this link to learn how that happens and I guarantee it’s not what you think).

One of those people is Edwin Rubis (pictured above), sentenced to 40 years for a nonviolent marijuana conspiracy.  Edwin recently sent me New years greetings to share with everyone (sometimes things move slowly in prison).  The letter includes his thoughts, dreams, wishes, goals, and resolutions for the New Year.
Read Edwin’s Letter here.

Cannabis Learning -

Marijuana brownies and people looking shocked

You read that right. ALL marijuana recipes, no matter how good they are, are lying to you. Even my own recipes on this website, in my cookbooks, and in my magazine articles are not telling you the entire story.

What is it these recipes are misleading you about? The most important part. The part that tells you how much marijuana, or marijuana butter, or oil, etc. to use.

Shocking right?
Read more and watch the video for the simple solution.

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eat your weed

A Very Mary Jane Valentine’s Day

Marijuana Valentine's Day images - cookies, masssage oil, body paint, chocolate covered strawberry

A guide to mixing reefer and romance on a Marijuana Valentine’s Day or ANY day!

Are you ready to really spice up your live life?  Consider a threesome of you, your lover, and Mary Jane!  The psychology of marijuana as an aphrodisiac is deeply ingrained in our culture, but it also has real physiological effects like dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow. This increases sensitivity to touch, and of course, increased blood flow during sex offers obvious advantages.

Serious research on the subject of sex and marijuana is still rare, but since both sexual arousal and marijuana affect the brain and hormonal systems and hormones are stimulated by the endocannabinoid system, it stands to reason that the phytocannabinoids in marijuana could augment this. In fact active cannabinoids have a molecular structure similar to some hormones and can even replicate some of their effects.

Cannabis can heighten sensations as well as relaxation, and with that comes the ability to lower inhibitions. If you or your lover are feeling uptight try a more relaxing strain.  Conversely, an energetic strain that sparks creativity can do wonders for bringing back sparks.
Read More including tips to avert cotton mouth and romantic 420 playlist picks!

Sex Pot: Marijuana Chocolate Edible Body Paint OOH LA LA!

marijuana chocolate edible body paint

This marijuana-infused chocolate edible body paint is a delicious and FUN way to add cannabis to your intimate activities. Brush it on wherever and let the fun begin! This recipe is super quick and unbelievably easy to make. Even if you NEVER cook, you can make this!

(No Valentine? No problem.  This body paint closely resembles hot fudge sauce, meaning it is delicious on ice cream (or fresh fruit, or poundcake, etc.).  I don’t have a Valentine but as I plan on spending V-Day with Ben and Jerry, I will still be enjoying this Infused “Edible Body Paint” LOL!)
Get the Marijuana Chocolate Edible Body Paint Recipe

Marijuana Massages

DIY Pain relieving Marijuana and Frankincense Massage Oil

You and your lover need not even get high when incorporating Mary Jane into your romantic dates.  Instead (or in addition to), why not give each other marijuana massages?  Infused massage oil or body butter won’t make you high, but it will soothe away aches and pains and deeply relax you.  Plus what better way to get closer than via a sensuous massage?  Check out the links below and slather on the romantic fun.

More Valentine’s Day Marijuana Recipes

Cheri Sicard, author Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women

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