Cannabis Cheri: MORE Draining and Straining Hacks; Amazing Nanaimo Bars


Hi Everyone!

Today I have a follow-up to my first post about everyone’s least favorite cannabis cooking job: Draining and straining your marijuana infusions like butter and oil.  PLUS Western Canada’s favorite regional dessert, in a medicated version.  Read on!

Jim Belushi Quote: "It's not the devil's lettuce, it's the Lord's kale."

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Draining & Straining Hacks: The Sequel

MORE Draining and Straining Hacks

In this video, I come up with even more super easy and mess-free ways to drain and strain your marijuana infusions such as marijuana butter or oils.
Get the new hacks here.

If you missed my first Draining and Straining Hacks video, check it out here for 3 MORE great draining and straining hacks.

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Nanaimo Bars: Western Canada’s Favorite Dessert!

marijuana infused Nanaimo Bar

This B.C. specialty (from Nanaimo, a suburb of Vancouver), was made to be medicated!

These layered bars made their debut in a 1950s cookbook from the Vancouver Island city of Nanaimo.  They’ve been growing in popularity ever since.  My first encounter with them was back in the 80s when I made my living as a circus and variety arts performer.  A producer I worked a lot for at the time had several dates a year booked at a small Vancouver theater near (but not in) Nanaimo.  Near was close enough for every coffee shop to have stacks of the sweet treats offered in the vicinity of the checkout register.

My friends and I quickly learned that different cooks had their own variations on the legendary local dessert and the quality could vary substantially from purveyor to purveyor. I hope my medicated version passes muster.  My recipe testers thought it did and then some!

Get the Marijuana Nanaimo Bars Recipe


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