Cannabis Cheri: Movie Night Fun; Marijuana Infused Salads and Salad Dressings


This week I am focusing on some favorite cannabis movies because, if you are anything like me, you are running out of things to watch.  But instead of focusing on the usual collection of snack foods recipes, this issue’s focus is on salads.  Read on!

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Marijuana Movies

Maybe you’ve seen these entertainment classics, maybe you meant to.  Check out these films in which Mary Jane plays a starring or supporting role.

  • The Big LebowskiThis is one of my personal all time favorite movies and I am not alone.  It is the one film most stoners tend to hold near and dear above all others, so much so that it’s inspired its own religion and a series of annual festivals held around the country.  Read more.
  • Dramatic Marijuana Movies — When it comes to marijuana movies, it seems like there are far less cannabis based dramas than comedies. Perhaps because, Reefer Madness hysteria aside, typical mellow marijuana users aren’t usually all that dramatic. Nonetheless, it plays an integral, if not starring, role in a few.  Here are some of my Dank Drama film picks.  Includes Savages, Stealing Beauty, and Alice’s Restaurant. Read more.
  • 420 Entertainment Classic: The Dark Side of the Rainbow — Pink Floyd fans have long been known for their 420-friendly proclivities, but some unknown observant toker ratcheted it up when he or she noticed some uncanny coincidences going on while watching The Wizard of Oz accompanied by Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon instead of the film’s usual audio track. Read more about the phenomenon, plus how to watch it for yourself.


Dark side of the moon album cover, Wizard of Oz video cover


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Cannabis Salad and Salad Dressing Recipes!

Cannabis Infused Salads and Salad Sressings


An inspired recipe archived of cannabis salads and marijuana salad dressings to help you stay healthy while “Eating Your Weed!”
Cannabis Infused Salad and Salad Dressing Recipe Archive

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