Cannabis Cheri News: Happy 420; Favorite Party Snacks; Edibles Overload Advice


Cheri celebrates 420

Hi Everyone,

Happy 420, the High Holiday! 

I have been busy as can be as I am catering an elegant 5 course infused dinner party for a select group of friends in order to celebrate the day.  We plan on starting with the traditional passed joints along with drinks (mocktails), and appetizers at 4:20, then after the social hour continue to dinner: cream of asparagus soup, Caesar salad, prosciutto and provolone stuffed chicken breasts on angel hair pasta with pesto and steamed baby veggies, and fresh berry trifle for dessert.  Each course will be medicated, but very lightly.  It’s always the challenge of an infused dinner party to leave guests relaxed and happy, but not couch locked and too stoned.  But should that happen, there are remedies, as you’ll read in today’s newsletter.

I have tried to gather articles and recipes today to help you celebrate this joyous day.  I realize more people want snacks and casual foods rather than an elegant dinner, but should you choose to go the dinner party route, you’ll find hundreds of infused recipes of all kinds in my recipe archives.  If you want snacks, there are lots of links below.  And be sure to check out the joint rolling tutorial too, so you will have something to Puff Puff Pass when the magic time arrives. But first…

The Serious Stuff Before the Celebration

Before we get to celebrating, however, I want to take a moment to remember those left behind, the marijuana prisoners, especially those serving LIFE SENTENCES for nonviolent marijuana offenses

Antonio Bascaro, the longest serving marijuana prisoner, is one of many marijuana prisoners waiting for justice reform.
Antonio Bascaro, the longest serving marijuana prisoner

Last week  I got an excited message from 84 year old Antonio Bascaro, the world’s longest serving marijuana prisoner.  After 39 years in prison, Antonio gets to finally go home on May 1.  While this is great news, he never should have been in prison in the first place.  This man was robbed of his life and his family was robbed of a father and grandfather.

Being an activist for the marijuana lifers (and de-facto lifers like Antonio) over the last 8 years or has been both rewarding and tough.  I had to step back for a while for my own health, but I never stepped away.  And while I no longer run a nonprofit organization, these men are still an integral and important part of my life and I will never stop fighting for them until they are free.

I’ll be posting more coming up about how you can help.  In the meantime, do me a favor and please “like” the Facebook pages I admin for two of these prisoners: first time offender Craig Cesal, serving a LIFE SENTENCE for a small part in a marijuana conspiracy, and Parker Coleman, sentenced to 60 years for a nonviolent marijuana conspiracy offense, like Bascaro, he will be in his 80s when he gets out.  If he lives that long.  I’ll be introducing you to these amazing men and more in the months ahead. Thanks.

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How to Roll a Perfect Joint (Even If You Can’t Roll)

How to Roll a Perfect Joint

Create the perfect joint to puff puff pass at your 420 party.  Click for the simple photo and video instructions and wow everyone with your perfect joints!

eat your weed
Too Much THC Celebrating?  Here’s What To Do

marijuana overdose
Can’t believe you ate the whole thing?  There is no easier way to get too much marijuana than by eating it.  It’s not going to kill you, but it can be mighty uncomfortable and even scary for some folks.  Calm down.  Read this article and watch this video on what to do if you or someone you know eats too much marijuana.

Recipes for 420 Party Snacks and Munchies

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Dates

marijuana snack recipes - salted caramel popcorn

Cannabis Learning - heating elements in vaporizers
Do You Have a Cannabis Question?

Cheri Sicard on how to prepare marijuana for cooking

Do you have a burning question about cannabis?  Fill out the form at this page and Ask Cheri.

If you have a question, chances are others do too.   While I can’t promise to get to them all, I will do my best to get to as many as possible.  And don’t worry, it’s confidential.  I never publicly use anyone’s name in the replies, as you can see in the videos in the Ask Cheri section of my YouTube channel.

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