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I have a new favorite cupcake (see below).  Other than that, I have still been working on the topicals course.  The neighbor’s noisy construction slowed down videotaping last week, but we should be back to normal this week.  Over half the course has been taped, but we still have the demonstration videos to go, and the formatting of all the various topicals formulas.  So far, I have been thrilled by the feedback my testers have been giving me.  Especially popular and effective are my tension headache salve and roll-on oils, my PMS relieving bath bombs, and my arthritis salve which also seems to work well on muscle cramps and spasms.  All are infused with cannabis, some are infused with other medicinal herbs as well.

Also ALL my testers have been raving about my Lavender and Green Tea Cannabis Body Butter.  They say it takes all kinds of itching away, from bug bites to psoriasis, as well as helps with pain and muscle cramps and spasms.  Best of all, I created a FREE TUTORIAL (consider it a free topicals course sneak preview), you can download NOW on how to make this awesome cannabis skincare product.

How to Make 3-Ingredient Whipped Marijuana Body Butter - The Perfect Consistency

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When it comes to marijuana and fertility, previous studies examining the effects of marijuana use on reproductive hormones and semen quality have produced conflicting results including the oft-cited study that marijuana slows sperm motility reducing the likelihood that it will arrive at the egg to do its thing.

Stop fretting as a new study entitled Marijuana Use and Fecundability in a North American Preconception Cohort Study issued by researchers at Boston University’s School of Public Health has reported that marijuana use – by either men or women – does not lower a couple’s chances of getting pregnant.
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Kushy Key Lime Cupcakes

Marijuana infused key lime cupcakes

It’s amazing how a little lime juice can transform an ordinary cake mix and frosting recipe into something extraordinary. These little cakes do not rise as much as traditional cupcakes, so fill the cupcake liners almost full before baking.
Get the Kushy Key Lime Cupcake Recipe

I use marijuana infused coconut oil to medicate this recipe.  My making Marijuana Oil tutorial will help you learn how to make it.

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