Cannabis Cheri News: Marijuana Mardi Gras; Easy Small Batch Infusions


Cannabis Cheri Sicard
Hi Everyone,

Do you like to make small batches of marijuana butter or oil, like 1/2 cup or less per batch?  Then you are going to love today’s demonstration of using the Ardent Lift Decarboxlator to make infusions!  It’s quick, easy, effective, and neat! 

Plus we celebrate Mardi Gras with a medicated King Cake and more!

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How to Make Small Batch Infusions in the Ardent Lift Decarboxylator

draining and straining marijuana infusions made in the Ardent Lift

Those who have been following me a while know that I am a huge fan of the Ardent Lift decarboxylator. In fact, this is the only special gadget I personally use in my cannabis cooking and that I recommend. Why? Because it takes all the guesswork out of decarboxylation and perfectly converts 100% of the THC-A in your cannabis into psychoactive THC.

But I recently learned this little gadget can do even more than that!  You can actually infuse directly in the Ardent Lift! That’s right you can make your marijuana butter and cannabis oil (or infused honey, cream, etc.) right in the Ardent Lift!  It couldn’t be easier or neater!

To be sure the Lift is small, so this is great for those who like to make small batch infusions, like say 1/2 cup or less of butter or oil at a time. I know from my emails that a lot of my readers usually make just enough for the recipe they intend to make at that time, and if that is your style of cannabis cooking, you are going to LOVE this method!  
Read more about making small batch infusions in the Ardent Lift and watch the video demonstration here.

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Celebrate Mardi Gras with Cannabis King Cake and Ganja Jambalaya (Ganjambalaya)

Marijuana Mardi Gras - Cannabis King Cake Recipe

Mardi Gras is on March 3rd this year.  Make it a Marijuana Mardi Gras by bringing Mary Jane to the party in the form of this amazing infused Cannabis King Cake.  A traditional King Cake is actually more of a rich sweet bread than a traditional cake. Likewise, it uses yeast bread techniques to make.  This is a simple version flavored with lemon and a few spices. You could also stir in raisins or nuts. Some chefs even make fancy fillings.
Get the Cannabis King Cake Recipe

marijuana jambalaya This marijuana jambalaya that has something for everyone – chicken, sausage, seafood, cannabis, and tons of flavor with a little spicy kick. It goes together surprisingly fast and uses just a single pot.  If you plan to celebrate Mardi Gras, this is your main course right here!
Get the Ganjambalaya Recipe.

You can use either Marijuana Oil or Marijuana Butter to medicate the Jambalaya recipe and butter to medicate the King Cake recipe.

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