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Hi Everyone,

I have not taken any breaks after launching Cannabis for the Confused: A Crash Course in Marijuana.  My team and I have been hard at work on some new updates to my online Easy Cannabis Cooking for Home Cooks course, as well as continuing to test topicals recipes for my upcoming DIY Topicals course.  Stay tuned for news on both projects.

This week, in addition to a terrific healthy oatmeal recipe for when you want to wake and bake, we’ll be discussing the humble joint or marijuana cigarette, a classic for a reason.  Read on!

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How To Roll a Perfect Joint (Even If You Don’t Know How to Roll)

How to Roll a Perfect JointEvery time I produce a joint in a mixed crowd everyone seems impressed that I rolled such perfect marijuana cigarette, right down to the cardboard filter tip. (I say mixed crowd because those in the cannabis world are used to perfect joints ALL the time, the rest of the world, not so much).

But I have a secret. I can’t roll a decent joint by hand to save my soul. They always come out looking like pregnant worms!  I know joint rolling is a good skill to have, but I have just never taken the time to practice as there is always something more pressing to do.

No matter. I still always have perfect joints, and you can too. It just takes an inexpensive little cigarette roller gadget like the one pictured below.  You can pick one up for just a few dollars at any smoke shop or order online, but this indispensable little gizmo allows you to quickly and easily roll perfect, professional looking joints every time.
Read more and watch the joint rolling video here.

Cheri's Favorite Marijuana Products
Pot Pockets – The Ultimate Joint Holder!

pot pockets hand crafted joint boxThis ingenious hand made portable wooden joint case stores three joints in three separate self-closing compartments (although if you roll on the thin side it can hold double that). Smaller than a deck of cards, it fits easily in a pocket or purse.

The Pot Pocket’s creative design is always a conversation starter, just bend to open. But beyond its handmade style, the holder serves a practical purpose for those who don’t like to smoke the whole joint at once. Simply put the partially toked doobie back in the box for mess-free and (almost) odor free storage, until you are ready to finish the job.
Read the full Pot Pockets review.

eat your weed

Cannabis Infused Steel Cut Oats with Blueberries, Agave, Greek Yogurt, and Hemp Seeds

Marijuana Recipes - Steel Cut Oats with Blueberries and Hemp SeedsYou can make this healthy wake and bake recipe in less time with regular rolled oats, but I especially love it with steel cut oats (a.k.a. Irish oats). They have a wonderful chewy texture and nutty flavor, and are lower in calories than the rolled variety. 

Whatever type oats you choose to use, this is the best way to eat oatmeal I’ve ever encountered.  Not only because of the dose of cannabis, but also the protein and nutrient dense hemp seeds.  While hemp seeds may not have cannabinoids, they are nonetheless a “superfood” that provide all 9 essential amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.  They also help make this a filling meal that will stick with you a while.
Get the Steel Cut Oats Recipe.

I use marijuana butter to medicate this recipe.  Check out my Making Marijuana Butter tutorial for directions on how to make it.

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