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Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful 420 last week.  I know I did.  My friend Arturo Horta Meza (of Baja Vacation Planner) and I created a gourmet 6-course dinner for a select group of friends.  It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun.  Those who didn’t Uber home spent the night and we had a fabulous Easter brunch the next day.  The photo above shows me with the appetizer tray, and below is Arturo and I plating the soup course.  I was too busy during the rest of the meal to take or pose for many photos.  LOL.

This week, among other topics, I want to talk about helping the older people in your life (or people your own age, if like me, you are already “older”) understand cannabis.  On to today’s newsletter!

Cannabis Cheri Sicard, 420 Dinner

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Helping Seniors Understand the Benefits of Cannabis

A reader recently asked for help in talking to her aging father about cannabis.  Having been raised in a conservative family on a steady diet of reefer madness, this woman’s father was hesitant to try cannabis.  But my reader knew that cannabis could help her father with many of the conditions she was dealing with.  

It’s true, seniors, more than any other group as a whole, can most benefit from what cannabis can do.

Well, I sent my reader a BUNCH of links to articles, most written by my friend and mentor in cannabis Registered nurse Lanny Swerdlow.  She enthusiastically wrote back saying how helpful the articles were.  Since it was so helpful to her, I figured it might be to others who are grappling with this same situation.  So here are helpful links to share with your parents, grandparents, etc.

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Versatile Mango Chutney

Marijuana Recipes -- Medicated Mango ChutneyUse this versatile marijuana recipe for India’s favorite condiment to add medicated flavor and spice to all kinds of foods like simple steamed or grilled meats, poultry, or seafood.  It even works well with grilled tofu and as a creative sandwich addition.  Use your imagination!
Get the Mango Chutney Recipe

Use decarboxylated Kief or Hash to medicate this recipe.  Find more information on how to make and cook with kief and hash at this link.

Mangoes and Marijuana

Did you know that many mango varieties share a terpene with cannabis (the chemical element of the plant that gives it aroma and flavor)? No wonder the two are a natural flavor match. Learn more about the Mango and Marijuana connection at this link, including why some people think eating mangoes can increase the length and intensity of your high.

Marijuana and Mangoes: Cutting a Mango

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