Cannabis Cheri News: The History of 420; How to Instantly Medicate Snack Foods


Hi Everyone,

Today we are seriously gearing up for next week’s “High Holiday,” 4-20, including an insider scoop on what 420 means and how it began, courtesy of former High Times editor Steve Bloom, the man who “discovered” 420! 

I’ve also got an ingenious way to almost instantly medicate most any snack food. 

But before we get to that…

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OK, on to today’s newsletter!

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The History of 420: The Insider Scoop on the Origins of the High Holiday

The History of 420
Former High Times editor Steve Bloom recounts how he inadvertently “discovered” 420 in this fascinating post on the origins of the “High Holiday.”  The rest, as they say, is history!
Read More

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Cheri Sicard on how to prepare marijuana for cooking

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How to Instantly Medicate Snack Foods

How to Quickly Medicate Snack Foods with Marijuana
As we’re getting ready to celebrate 420 around here, I thought what better way to help you celebrate than to show you how to quickly and easily – almost instantly – medicate all your favorite snack foods with cannabis.

I’m not sure if these medicated snack foods will cure the munchies or create them, but in either case, they make a fun way to eat your medibles.
Read more and watch the video demo.

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