Cannabis Cheri News: Topicals Questions Answered; Infused Spring Salad Recipes


Hi Everyone,
Thanks so much for feedback these last few weeks.  It’s been really nice hearing from everyone and getting to know some of you and what you are dealing with in regards to cannabis.

On last week’s question about CBD use, I was so happy to hear that most readers of this newsletter are CBD to its best advantage, meaning they are combining it with THC.   (CBD expert Martin Lee talks more about the importance of this in this interview.)  A few were CBD only, but only because emplyment drug testing kept them that way.

I was slightly surprised, as so much of the general public is misinformed about CBD and the importance of THC in its effectiveness.   So give yourselves a round of applause for being well educated!  Kudos!

Me, I have been continuing to develop topicals recipes for my new upcoming online course.  It’s been lots of fun and my skin has never looked better! I also tackle some frequent topicals questions in this week’s video.  And speaking of videos, I upload new ones to my new YouTube channel every Wednesday.  Check it out and subscribe here.

But before that, there will be a re-launch of my Easy Cannabis Cooking for Home Cooks online course, with lots of brand new lessons including Glycerin Tinctures, Lecithin and Cannabis Cooking, and new sections covering improving the flavor of edibles, and cooking with CBD.  Special discount offers will be arriving in your inbox soon so stay tuned.

On to today’s newsletter!

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Marijuana Topicals Questions Answered

Can marijuana topicals get you high? Will topicals make you fail a drug test?

A few more readers have written in asking about topicals.  I get these questions fairly frequently, about whether topicals will make you fail a drug test, or make you feel high.  This is another of those subjects there seems to be a fair amount of misinformation floating around the internet about.  Understandably people are confused.  While there is usually nothing to worry about, there is an important exception to the rule.  Learn more in the short video.
Watch the Topicals QuestionVideo Here

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Cheri Sicard on how to prepare marijuana for cooking
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Quick and Easy Cannabis Infused Spring Salads

Salads are a great way to use your marijuana infused oils.  Here are some of my favorite springtime salads.

Marijuana Recipes: Orange, Almond Stuffed Avocado

Marijuana Potato Salad: HERBed Red Potato Salad

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