Cannabis Cheri News: Using Leaves, Stems & Stalks; Infused BBQ Baked Beans


This week I focus on frugality with a reader question about using leaves, stems, and stalks, and my favorite summer baked bean recipe – thrifty to make and will go will all your summer grilling recipes!  Read on!

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Using Marijuana Leaves, Stems, and Stalks

How to Use Marijuana Leaves - raw marijuana juice

Dear Cheri,

I have some plants that I will be harvesting in about a month, I’ve heard that stalks and stems and the big fan leaves can be used to make marijuana butter.  Is this correct?  If so how much of the leaves, stalks and stems do I use for 1 pound of butter? 
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Slow Cooker BBQ “Baked” Beans – The Perfect Summer Side Dish!

Slow Cooker Marijuana Recipes - "Baked" BBQ Beans

Slow cooker marijuana recipes like this one will save your kitchen from heating up on hot summer days.  Plus they are easy and convenient.  Just set it and forget it!

These tasty “baked” beans are medicated with Mary Jane’s BBQ Sauce (click link for recipe). If you don’t want to medicate your beans, use regular BBQ sauce instead.  Now the BBQ sauce recipe, in and of itself, has a million uses besides making beans, so be sure to check that out!
Get the Slow Cooker BBQ “Baked” Beans Recipe

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