Cannabis Cheri Newsletter: Cannabis Caramels, Eggnog; How Long Does CBD Last?


Hi Everyone!

As this is our last newsletter before the Christmas holidays, I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you may be celebrating at this time of year.

This issue I have some recipes for Cannabis Caramels, something I have had a lot of requests for, so I hope you enjoy those.  And also some great educational information about CBD as well.  And a super healthy Vegan CBD Eggnog that Joy (from Joy Organics) shared with me that has to be tasted to be believed!

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How long do the effects of CBD Last

How long does it take before CBD effects kick in?  How long do the effects of CBD last?  How much CBD should I take?



Those are ALL great questions Carole!  Regardless of the reason you are taking CBD, you obviously want to know what to expect and how to best use it.  Instead of answering this question myself, I am going to turn it over to CBD expert Joy Smith, of Joy Organics, a full spectrum (minus THC) CBD hemp oil company.  Here’s what she had to say about the how long an onset you can expect before CBD products typically take effect, how long you can expect various CBD products to last.
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Cannabis Caramels

Cannabis Caramels: Nutty Soft and Chewy Marijuana Caramels Recipe I don’t care what anyone says, caramel is the most addictive substance on earth. The combination of the simple ingredients, butter and sugar with perhaps a little salt, is difficult to resist. Consider yourself warned and carefully monitor your intake of these delicious goodies lest you overdo it.

Recipes for Cannabis Caramels

Cannabis Caramels: Recipe for Soft and Chewy Orange Marijuana Caramels

Amazing Vegan CBD Eggnog!

Vegan CBD Eggnog RecipeThe folks at Joy Organics shared this fabulous vegan CBD Eggnog recipe with me ( i made a couple of adjustments in the notes below to make it accessible to everyone even if you are not using Joy Organics Orange Tincture). They call the recipe Vegannog.  I call it delicious!  

One of the grandest traditions during the holiday season is eggnog. However, not everyone can partake in the festivities. Vegans don’t drink dairy products, which excludes them from this festive beverage. Well, Joy says the CBD community is an inclusive one. So, cheers, vegans. Here’s a CBD Veganogg even carnivores will crave this holiday season! The best part? It’s super easy.  And it’s healthy enough to have for breakfast!
Get the Vegan CBD Eggnog Recipe

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