Cannabis Cheri Newsletter: DIY Massage Oil; MJ Ugly Sweaters; Holiday Recipes


It’s already December!  Time to kick off our holiday coverage with some festive holiday recipes (see Eat Your Weed section below), news of some hilarious cannabis-themed “Ugly Christmas Sweaters,” a gift guide for cannabis cooks, and even an easy-to-make 3-ingredient cannabis massage oil that makes a terrific homemade gift (for yourself or someone else).

Next week I’ll have LOTS of cannabis-infused holiday cookies for you, along with a cannabis lover’s gift guide of gifts all under $20.00!

Alpaca Nother Bowl Marijuana Ugly Christmas Sweater

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DIY Topicals: Cannabis and Frankincense Pain Relieving Massage Oil

DIY Marijuana and Frankincense Massage Oil

Note: You can make this DIY Cannabis Massage Oil in THC and/or CBD versions!

Did you know that ancient remedies that were used at the time of Jesus’s birth are still as effective today?  This topical oil is a good example. It’s easy to make from just three ingredients that were used in Biblical times:  olive oil, frankincense, and cannabis.

Believe it or not, Frankincense, which is added to this massage oil in the form of essential oil, has many healing properties in common with cannabis including relief of pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety and more.

The scented oil is terrific to use as a massage oil, or even just to moisturize dry skin. Try rubbing it into dry cuticles and rough elbows and knees for instance. Of course, rub it on aches, pains, and sore joints.

Bottles of this oil make thoughtful homemade gifts. And since topically applied cannabis will not make you high or cause you to fail a drug test, even people who don’t normally use marijuana can benefit from it.

Get directions for making easy 3-ingredient Cannabis and Frankincense Massage Oil

Online DIY Cannabis Topicals Course

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Marijuana Ugly Christmas Sweaters Bring Stoner Style to the Party

Marijuana Ugly Christmas Sweater

For lots of folks, the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” has become a big part of the holiday tradition.  Each friend tries to outdo the other by donning their “gay apparel” in the form of snuggly warm, but outrageously kitschy, holiday sweaters and sweatshirts.

Well friends of Mary Jane, you can now be part of this tradition!  Check out a virtual fashion show of kitschy cannabis ugly Christmas sweaters!  There are a surprising number of choices when it comes to Marijuana Ugly Christmas sweaters.  I’ve included links of where to buy in the gallery, just in case “you gotta have it!”  But even folks like me, who would never wear such a sweater, it’s fun to browse.

Click to view the Marijuana Ugly Holiday Sweaters Gallery

Let's Get Baked Marijuana Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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12 Great Gifts for Cannabis Cooks

12 Great Gifts for Cannabis CooksLooking for great gifts for the cannabis cooks in your life?  As an avid cannabis cook myself, I’ve got some suggestions. 

Of course, if you know anyone serious about learning to cook with cannabis, consider enrolling them in my Easy Cannabis Cooking for Home Cooks online course. Yes that’s a shameless plug, but it is a quality product and the person you enroll might end up making YOU some edibles in the end. Win/win.

Besides sending your loved one to online cannabis cooking school, click the link for my other 2018 picks for cannabis foodie gifts at all ends of the price spectrum.  
Access the Cannabis Cooks’ Gift Guide

Let the Cannabis-Infused Holiday Recipes Begin!

Peppermint Marijuana Brownies

Marijuana recipes -- Gingerbread Cupcakes

“Cannabis” Cheri Sicard

Cannabis Cheri Sicard on the optimal cannabis dose


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