Cannabis Cheri Newsletter: Estimating CBD Percentages; A Mary Jane Thanksgiving


Hi Everyone,

This issue we continue with our Thanksgiving recipes and tackle a question about estimating CBD percentages.  Read on!


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Estimating CBD Percentages in Cannabis

Estimating CBD Percentages in Cannabis

Dear Cheri,

I took your edibles dosing class and I loved how you teach us to estimate the THC percentages in cannabis.  That really helped me figure the dosing when I make edibles.  I used to be all over the map with dosing, but now I am always right on the money.  My question is, can you please add a new lesson on how to estimate CBD percentages?  Thank you.

Get the answer here.

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Marijuana Thanksgiving!

Recipes for a Cannabis Thanksgiving

I have put together Thanksgiving worthy recipes for every course of the big meal from appetizers and salads, to sides and desserts.  There is even a way to infuse the turkey (hint while I give a recipe for friend turkey, I have also made roasted infused turkey with the same recipes just changed the cooking style).

Access the Cannabis infused Thanksgiving recipes here.

Cheri Sicard, author Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women

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