Cannabis Cheri Newsletter: Making Vape Juice; Snacks for the Big Game


Hi Everyone,

It has been a busy week.  I have been immersed in professional chocolatier school (yes a course on medicated chocolate and artisan bons bons is in the future).  It has been fascinating, especially understanding how much cannabis and chocolate actually have in common!  More coming.

This week I answer a frequent question about making vape juice, and share some favorite snack recipes for the big game.  Read on!

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Can I Make Vape Juice in the Ardent FX or Nova and What Medium Is Best to Use?

Person Vaping and the Ardent FX Decarboxylator

Even if you DON’T have the FX or Nova, this article is still worth reading as it goes into the best material to use for vape juice (not that I personally recommend vape juice, I don’t, but enough of you have asked, I thought I would answer).
Learn more about the best way to make vape juice here.

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Snacks for the Big Game

If your weekend plans involve watching the big game, why not invite Mary Jane along?  Of course, you’ll want snacks.  This huge eclectic recipe collection is sure to have something to fit the bill, regardless of your tastes or cravings.
Get the Cannabis Infused Snack Recipes


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