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Cheri Sicard creator of Cannabis for the Confused: A Crash Course in Marijuana
Hi Everyone,

I am so excited.  My brand new online course, Cannabis for the Confused: A Crash Course in Marijuana launches today!  The course is a great overall primer for anyone new to cannabis, anyone coming back to it after a long absence, or anyone who needs a good understanding of the subject (like people who hope to work in the cannabis industry). 

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To celebrate we have a special 75% off introductory offer that is only good through midnight (EST) Monday, Feb 4.  Enter the coupon code CONFUSED75 at checkout and get 75% off enrollment.  You will be among the very first people to check out this new online course, and the price will never be this low again.  Enroll now.  With lifetime access to the course and a 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

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Govee Thermometer/Hydrometer

Govee Thermometer and Hydrometer

When you grow cannabis indoors, data is your life.  What’s my water ph? How many watts of light do I need? What’s the TDS of my nutrient solution? What’s the temperature and humidity level of my grow room/grow tent? 

This last question is where the Govee Thermometer and Hygrometer shines.  About half the size of a hockey puck, this wi-fi enabled instrument lets you monitor the temperature and humidity of your grow, via your phone, from anywhere you have an internet connection. 

One of the best features is the programmable alarms, which can alert you anytime there is a problem in your grow room, such as a spike or drop in temperature or humidity. 

Of course, with the Govee app you can check the room’s temperature and humidity anytime.  That’s two less things to worry about!
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Joy Organics - Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp CBD Oil


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Medicated Munchies for the Big Game

Marijuana Snack Recipes - Jalapeno Pot Poppers

Marijuana Snack Recipes - Sweet and Spicy Nutty Snack Mix

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