Cannabis Cheri Newsletter: New Years Nibbles; Remembering Marijuana Prisoners


Hi Everyone!

Before I get into the fun part of this newsletter, I want to take a moment to remember those still paying the ultimate price for the cannabis freedom many of us now enjoy, the prisoners still incarcerated for the plant, especially those serving life sentences.   The article in the “Learning” section below will let you in on a dirty little secret of the justice system, how prisoners, even first time offenders, can end up with a LIFE SENTENCE for a nonviolent marijuana “crime.” It’s not how most people think, so I urge you to check out this article.

I have been advocating for the marijuana lifers for some years now.  I interviewed a number of them for my first story for the website iBudtender, Christmastime in the Big House: Marijuana Prisoners Reflect on the Holidays.  If you have a tendency to feel sorry for yourself this time of year, reading this story will put an end to that.

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How Can Someone Get a Life Sentence for Marijuana?

As the founder of an organization that advocated for federal prisoners serving life sentences for nonviolent marijuana offenses, I am often asked questions that demonstrate how little the general public actually understands about the justice system in the United States.  The questions/comments usually follow one of these themes:

How is it possible for a nonviolent offender, especially a first0time offender, to get a life sentence for marijuana?


Wow, how much marijuana were they selling to get a life sentence for marijuana it must have been A LOT?

The short answers are:

It is shockingly easy.


Does it really matter?

Read more here and I’ll explain.

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New Year’s Nibbles

Marijuana Snack Recipes - Jalapeno Pot Poppers

Recipes for Cannabis Infused New Years Eve Appetizers and Snacks

Skip the hangover this year and serve some medicated appetizers and snacks instead of cocktails!  Be careful with dosing in parties and especially if you are medicating more than one thing — keep the doses LOW or everyone will be asleep long before midnight!  And make sure to clearly label which foods are “leaded.”

Marijuana Snack Recipes - Sweet and Spicy Nutty Snack Mix

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