Cannabis Cheri Newsletter: Odor-Proof Water-Proof Backpack; No Cook Summer Recipes


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Temperatures are rising, so I thought it was time to dig out the no-cook cannabis recipes!  Also check out the new water-proof, odor-proof backpack from Genius-Wear, the safest way every to store and transport your stash!

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Genius-Wear Odor-proof, Water-Proof Backpack

Genius Odor-proof, Water-proof backpack

I love the concept of the smell proof backback, but when the folks at Genius approached me on it I was a little skeptical. That’s because I had another smell proof backpack from a company (that has since gone out of business) that was so poorly made I could not in good conscience recommend it even though its odor reducing qualities did work.

I am happy to report that is NOT the case with Genius Wear’s backpack.  I should have known better, their Genius Pipe is also a high-quality smoking accessory.

The Genius Pack, while significantly smaller than a traditional backpack, is nonetheless extremely well made.

Its seams and zippers are sturdy and heavy duty.  Its padded soft leather interior will protect delicate items you place inside.  The clip-able strap, included with the pack, let’s you wear it as a backpack or shoulder bag.  And best of all it is waterproof and odors stay INSIDE the bag.

The bag features two small zippered compartments in the front of the pack in addition to the main body, for lots of storage space in a compact bag.  The Genius Badge on the front of the bag is even reflective for nighttime safety.
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N0-Cook Summer Recipes

It’s too hot to cook!  Chill-out in more ways than one with these no-cook cannabis-infused summer recipes.

Marijuana Recipes - Spicy THC Tuna Stacks

Marijuana Recipes Watermelon Cucumber Feta Salad


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