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Hi Everyone,

Before I get to some delicious pistachio recipes, I have to bring up a subject that is near and dear to my heart, and that is cannabis prisoners.  As many of you know, I have long been an advocate for nonviolent federal prisoners serving life sentences for marijuana.  Well after former President Trump’s last batch of clemencies (his final act in office) that released six marijuana lifers, I now have only 4 prisoners among those I have been working with for the last 10 years or so (many others got out under former President Obama).

Two, Parker Coleman and Edwin Rubis are de-facto lifers serving 60 and 40 years respectively.  The other two, Luke Scarmazzo and Lance Gloor, were state-legal medical marijuana providers who were prosecuted by the feds and are serving 20 and 10 years respectively (so not lifer but still egregious sentences).

Own a Piece of Cannabis History/Help a Marijuana Prisoner

Necklaces and keychians benefitting federal cannabis prisoners.

So after the excitement of the many clemencies for marijuana prisoners that came on former President Trump’s last day in office, activist and jewelry designer Vanessa Waltz contacted me wanting to help those who had been left behind.  Over the years she has used her jewelry business, Silverkind, to raise funds for lots of worthy causes, but this time she very generously wanted to help these four prisoners.

Vanessa designed a series of pendants that could be hung on a neck chain or used as keychains.  She is donating 100% of the sales of these items (minus shipping and Etsy fees) to the commissary accounts of Parker Coleman, Edwin Rubis, Luke Scarmazzo, and Lance Gloor.

Commissary funds are always essential, but in the days of Covid even more so as they are frequently on lockdown for extended periods.  Having something decent to eat, or toothpaste and other hygiene items can help make life a trifle more tolerable.

So now is your chance to own a piece of cannabis history, as these four represent a cross-section of what we hope are the final remaining federal marijuana prisoners.  Not only will you own a piece of history, you will be seriously helping out a federal prisoner caged for our precious plant.

Learn more about this fundraiser, the four prisoners it benefits, and how to order these special handmade pendants at this link.

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YUMMY Pistachios!

Marijuana Bundt Cake Pistachio Irie irish Cream Bundt Cake Recipe

This week I had to work with pistachios for a writing assignment I can’t yet share with you yet, BUT I was reminded of just how good these little green nuts are.  An added bonus? Their green tint matches perfectly with the slightly green tinge of marijuana butter or oil.  Here are a couple of my favorite infused pistachio recipes that I can share right now!

Marijuana Infused Baklava



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