Cannabis Cheri: Recipes for the Big Game; “Creatures” Book Review


It’s time to get ready for celebrations for the upcoming “big game.”  I’m not a big fan of football, but I do enjoy the parties.  Likewise, I prepared a HUGE collection of game worthy munchies recipes, both sweet and savory, to share today.  I also discovered a brilliant new novel that features our favorite herb in a strong supporting role.  Read on for those, but first…

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Book cover of Creatures by Crissy Van MeterI was sent this novel to review because of its connection to cannabis. The main character’s father is a black market grower who keeps the tourists in their fictional California island tourist town well supplied with “Winter Wonderland”, his legendary and proprietary strain.

Without a central conflict or plotline, the book provides a quiet yet compelling and sometimes painfully honest contemplation of the main character’s life and of the important yet imperfect relationships and influences that shaped it through the years, and how they evolve, and in some cases don’t.

Even if our experiences and outlooks may differ substantially from hers, the emotions felt are universal.

I loved that Marijuana is just treated like what it should be, an everyday part of life. Van Meter neither glorifies nor vilifies it, and that is OK.
Read more (and see the video, including a short excerpt).

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Marijuana Munchies Recipes for the Big Game

Marijuana Infused Recipes for Watching Football

The “Big Game” is coming up soon (we mere mortals are not allowed to the “S- Bowl” word for fear of litigious trademark infringement).  Make football game watching extra-special this year by inviting Mary Jane to your party with these amazing recipes for marijuana munchies.  At the link below, you’ll find a HUGE collection of delicious medicated recipes for sweet and savory snacks, sandwiches, and more.  Football watching has never been so delicious, or so fun!
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