Cannabis Cheri: Rosins vs Resins; Fresh Tomato Recipes; Happy 710!


Hi Everyone!

For some reason I have been getting a rash of questions about lecithin again.  So I shot a new video on the topics and updated the article on the website.  I also came up with a new Cannabis Bran Muffins recipe for a friend who requested that Wake and Bake treat.

Also know that we busily at work on a BIG overhaul and update of my online Cannabis Cooking Course.  That means discounts are coming when we relaunch in a month or so, so get ready if you have ever wanted to enroll in this invaluable course.

Also, Happy 710, the stoner holiday that celebrates concentrates (710 backwards spells oil).  Learn more here.

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Live Rosins versus Live Resins

cannabis live rosin and cannabis live resin concentrates

Dear Cheri,

Are live resin and live rosin the same thing?  If not what is the difference?

Live resin and live rosin are both cannabis concentrates.  They may physically look similar, and their names may sound alike, and the buzz they provide may be about equal, but they are in fact different in the way they are produced.

Learn more about the difference between Live Rosin and Live Resin here.

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Got Tomatoes?  I’ve Got Infused Fresh Tomato Recipes

Marijuana Recipes - Hempy Heirloom Tomato Salad

The first summer tomatoes were starting with come on my last visit with my family (my niece Tracy is an amazing gardener).  Well you know what that means…time to get out the infused fresh tomato recipes.  Here are some of my favorites!

Marijuana Recipes - Shrimp Salad Stuffed Tomato

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