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In addition to getting ready to celebrate Mother’s Day for marijuana-loving mamas, this issue I answer a question about the legality of selling homemade edibles to friends, family, or at farmer’s market.  It might not be what you think!  Read on.

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Can I Sell my Homemade Edibles at Farmer’s Markets in Legal States?

Marijuana edibles and the question of whether or not it is legal to sell them at Farmer's Markets in legal states.

Dear Cheri,

In a country/state where weed is legal, if a person is selling baked goods that use weed as one of its ingredients, is that person selling baked goods or is that person selling weed? And can that person be arrested for selling these types of baked goods? Seeing as all of the ingredients are legal, my opinion would be, no, the baked goods would not be illegal.  But that’s an opinion. Do you have the facts?  I would like to sell some of my edibles at my local farmer’s market.

I am amazed by how many people get the answer to this question wrong, so the answer may not be what you think.
Get the facts here.

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